If You Really Want To Lose Weight, Here's How

If are one to spend your entire gym session running on the treadmill, rocking the elliptical or slugging it out on the stair climber, you may want to listen up. Although cardio helps your fitness levels, it will not help you reach your weight loss goals. Step away from the machines and give yourself some time in the weight room, here's why: get fit You'll burn more calories: Building muscle is the best way to maximize your metabolism. The more muscle you have, the higher your fat burn potential! [bctt tweet="Step away from the treadmill..."] You'll see the results you want: Cardio may be able to help you shrink your body size but it won't necessarily give you the shape you desire. For that, you will need to work on defining your muscles. Trainer Tia Falcone explains why cardio won't cut it, "All your flaws will be the same, everything will just be smaller." So, instead she says you should pick up the weights to challenge your body in order to see the results you desire. INPOST (7) You can work out less: That's right! Lifting weights may actually save you some time! You can be efficient with your workouts and still see results. Falcone believes that weight training is better than strength training without weights because it will "get you the most amount of muscle the quickest." And she isn't alone in this opinion. Celebrity trainer, Katy Clark, says that in order to see the changes you want, you should be consistently working out with heavier weights, that is, those weights heavy enough to fatigue your muscles by 10 reps. Why not give it a try? Are you a weight room convert? Share your changes with us! Source: POPSUGAR

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