If Your Goal Is To Lose Weight AND Still Drink, You Need To Read This

Being healthy doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up your social life. If you are trying to lose a lot of weight, or shed those last few pounds, it can feel like the only way you can survive is to lock yourself away from the temptations you face at cocktail hour. We all know alcohol is just empty calories but some lifestyle choices should be non-negotiable! If you think happy hour is sacred, we've got just the thing for you! drink and lose weight There is a trend currently hitting the bar scene that sees bartenders making cocktails using low-proof liquor like Sherry, Lillet, or vermouth. This means two amazing things for you! One, when you lower the alcohol content of a drink, you also lower the number of calories in said drink and two, less alcohol means no hangover! Andrea Tateosian, a bartender with the Kimpton hotel group, says these sorts of drinks are perfect for health conscious people who still want to be able to enjoy a few beverages without getting trashed. [bctt tweet="Not only will this recipe help reduce calories, it will also prevent hangovers! Win-win!"] But, if you aren't one for hitting the bars and prefer to do your socializing at home, you can make your own spritz! Here, Andrea shares a recipe that includes a low-proof wine based spirit and a homemade thyme-lemon syrup. Did we just save your holiday party? Check it out:  


  • 1 1/2 ounces Cocchi Americano Rosa
  • 1/2 ounce thyme-lemon syrup
  • 3 ounces soda water


Add Cocchi Americano Rosa and thyme-lemon syrup to glass; gently stir. Add ice and top with soda water. Garnish with lemon peel, and enjoy immediately. To make the thyme-lemon syrup: Bring 3 cups water to a boil, and add the zest of 1 lemon. Add a handful of thyme, and take the water off the heat, letting it steep for 10 minutes. Add 3 cups sugar, and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Strain into a glass jar. Store in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. What do you think? Will you be trying this recipe ASAP? Source: Shape 

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