Ignite the Fat Burn - Cardio/Ab HIIT

I wrote this workout awhile back and I keep going back to it when I need a good cardio/ab day - without fail, I am sweaty and satisfied each time I do it!!  I believe I wrote it after ordering my Challenger Bars because I was so excited to play around with it!!  If you do not have this piece of equipment - modify with a set of chairs, or substitute a similar move from the floor. ignite the burn IGNITE THE FAT BURN : CARDIO/AB HIIT **Set your timer to (30 seconds work/10 seconds rest) and complete the following list of exercises 4x thru 1.  Burpee, Pushup, Surfer, Burpee - Perform a burpee with a pushup, when you jump back up, immediately perform a 180 degree surfer jump, and repeat 2.  Knee Tuck Abs - Hanging knee tucks (straight) or from the floor perform a full body tuck crunch by extending arms and legs out and crunching back in to center 3.  Burpee, Heel Click - Perform a burpee - when you return to standing pop up and click your heels together landing softly with knees bent 4.  Knee Tuck , V Ab - Hanging knee tuck (straight) and then V the legs out in front of you - or from the floor full body crunch as before, then legs come up to a V and reach through 5.  3x Skater, Tuck Jump - Perform 3 skaters and add a tuck jump 6.  Knee Tuck (Left) - Hanging Knee Tucks to the Left instead of straight up - or from the floor perform a side crunch or V-Ab on the left 7.  Hop Hop Squat, 2 Punches - Perform two quick hops to the side, full squat, as you stand add 2 punches at the top and repeat back in the other direction.  Add weight if you wish. 8.  Knee Tuck (Right) - Hanging Knee Tucks to the Right instead of straight up - or from the floor perform a side crunch or V-Ab on the right. 9.  Straddle Touchdowns - Straddle a step or bench and hop on and off landing in a low squat - or squat touchdowns on the floor 10.  Skipping - Jump Rope or High Knees   Try this workout for yourself, and let us know how it went!          

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