Why You Should Ignore The Scale And Just Work Out

How often has this happened to you: you work out, you eat healthy, you think you’re on track fitness-wise, and then you weigh yourself and the number hasn’t changed. It’s world-crushing. I mean, what else do I have to do!? Well, instead of saying, “oh woe is me, a number on the scale doesn’t align with my ideal weight,” ask yourself these three questions: Do you feel good? Do your clothes fit looser? Do you like how you look in the mirror? Yes? GOOD. Then ignore that number and continue to work out. No? Then those things are what you should be working to improve rather than some intangible number on the scale. weightjeanstruth The only reason I have to weigh myself is at an annual checkup with my doctor, or if I decided to wrestle competitively, which I would never do because although I am scrappy, I am also tiny and bruise like a peach. SO, my new goal is to try and focus on how good I feel after a workout and not let some number on a scale diminish my success and positive feeling. Weight-Scale-With-A-Messag    weighttarget

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