‘I’m never drinking again’: How Life Gets Better When You Mean It

Most of us have been there. Perhaps multiple times. After a night of heavy drinking and bad decisions, you’re left with the worst hang over ever, uttering the words “I will never drink again” into the abyss of your toilet bowl only to end up in the same spot again all too soon. Committing to being sober is not an easy thing to do but the rewards certainly outweigh the sacrifices. It is a path to more money, better sex, better relationships and increased health. To say nothing of the fact that you’ll look younger! Sobriety isn’t as scary as you may think, in fact, it is pretty cool. Here are a few things that can happen when you choose to end the weekend benders and get serious about your life:

More Meaningful Relationships and Better Sex

If you are tied up in the party scene, you may relying on your beer goggles when it comes to your dating. Tackling the dating scene while sober means you eliminate all the sloppy, drunk sex from your life. And believe me when I tell you it is a bit hellish trying to have sex with a drunk person when you are sober. So really, that issue takes care of itself. By being sober, you aren't settling for those limited connections that aren't really connections as much as they are inhibition lowered exchanges. You are not settling for less than you deserve. You deserve those deep, meaningful connections that are based on more than the number of shots you were both able to consume before heading home. Sobriety creates a paradigm shift that will fill you with MORE meaningful experiences and once you are comfortable in this space and in your skin, your relationships and your sex will hit new levels of pleasure.

Increased Health And A Free Anti-Aging Serum

First, you will sleep better. When we are drunk, your bodies don't actually get the rest they need as they are working to rid us of the toxins we've just so willingly over ingested. Second, you will lose weight. Drinking alcohol means consuming empty calories. You will naturally start to shrink when you eliminate them from your diet. Alcohol leaves behind a boat load of toxins and so when you get rid of them, your skin will look clearer. Your overall appearance, energy level and immune system will be thanking you in a big way. Sobriety is better (and cheaper) than Botox! Besides, it feels wonderful to wake up each day with a clear head and a clear conscience. This frame of mind places you squarely in a position to make other positive and healthy choices. All that time you spent sleeping on your bathroom floor can now be spent at the gym or prepping a delicious and healthy breakfast. You will be more in tune with your intuitions and be leading a more authentic life.

More Money In The Bank

No more groggy mornings spent wondering how exactly it was you spent $250 the night before. Think about it, your paychecks will no longer go to funding your blackout weekends. They will sit in your bank, piling up, until you can find a good reason to spend it. Spending money on nights you don't remember is pretty wasteful. Over time, you'll find you don't need to spend a lot of money on a night out. Less will become more. Sobriety lets you look ahead and think of the amazing things you will actually be able to do now!

New Ways Of Having Fun

Sobriety changes the way you enjoy your time. Stress relief no longer comes in the form of bar hopping and now looks more like that yoga class you've always wanted to take or going for a run. You'll discover you don't need to fill your downtime with partying. You can find new hobbies, or just take it easy. Watch the sunset, or plan a movie marathon. You will no longer be stuck with random bruises or horrible pictures of your drunken face. You will not find random names and numbers in your phone with zero idea who they belong to. You will not have to apologize for your mortifying behaviour. You will come to be known as the friend with her 'head on straight' instead of the 'hot mess.' Not needing alcohol to have fun is pretty cool. Much cooler than trying to drink the room under the table. People will respect you because you are honouring yourself. People are drawn to healthy, happy souls. Don't you think it is time to at least think about it? I go dancing all the time and 99.9% of the time, I don't have more than one drink. My friend and I dance all night long and then get in our cars and drive home. Our stories aren't any less interesting and we certainly don't miss out on any fun. Time to stop the weekend binge drinking! Get serious about your health, finances and your life. You'll never regret it.

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