I’m not going to lay on my death bed grateful that I counted calories my whole life.

So I was sitting on the concrete floor in Heinz Field after performing with my drumline for 4 hours… tired, hungry, and in good company My friend, who knew that my career is in the fitness industry, sat next to me and looked over as I was practically elbow deep in a kindergartner’s size bag of potato chips. He chuckled and asked me jokingly, “Is that supposed to be part of your diet?” I glanced over and replied promptly, “Diet? Does it LOOK like I’m on a diet?!” Which got me thinking… Admitting or saying you’re “on a diet,” to me, sounds more like, “I have no control over a huge aspect of my life and now I’m punishing myself for it.” Which makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO ME AT ALL. Is choosing the 90 calorie yogurt over the 105 calorie one really  the missing key to your success??? REALLY?! This is where one of my favorite phrases is actually relevant: Try to see the forest for the trees. Translation: The “90 calorie yogurt” is simply a marketing tactic, and you’re just spending more money for less of the same product. So what now? Well, if it’s good for you, i.e. organic, greek-style, natural ingredient yogurt, by all means eat more calories of the good stuff so you don’t binge on the sh*t later because you are still hungry from 90 calories of artificial flavorings and fake sugar. I’m not saying you have the green-light to go eat whatever you want and then come back and yell at me saying you got fat listening to my instructions… Read on. Tying this back to my story, I knew that potato chips, a small turkey sub, and a cookie wasn’t going to ruin all of my hard work.   I burned plenty of calories jumping and dancing around, holding a pair of cymbals in my hands for hours, and I was simply grateful that food was provided for me, regardless of what it was. Other helpful mantra: I eat to live, not live to eat. Moderation and gratitude, yeah, that oughtta do it. So, If you follow ACSM’s Guidelines for physical activity for healthy adults <65 years old, and you have a good idea of your calories in vs. calories out for the day, then why not enjoy one of the most amazing gifts of existence: DELICIOUS FOOD. Do fish have culinary academies and world renown styles of cooking? Do elephants? NO! Humans do! And a good majority of those who can afford the good food are making up reasons why they can’t have it, and settling for breakfast-in-a-bottle because it’s labeled “low calorie”! Ah! Did dinosaurs? Maybe. During a yoga training months back I returned from a break with a bottle of pop (soda for you non-Pittsburghers) in my hand, and someone made a comment about yogis and healthy food…my response: “I’m not going to lay on my death bed grateful that I counted calories my whole life.” I actually didn’t think much of this until months later my friend told me she lives by that line now. It’s the truth! Work hard, eat well, enjoy life. That’s what all the YOLO is about anyways, isn’t it? :) <3 Connie

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