Why I'm Not Watching What I Eat For the Holidays

This year, I've decided to not watch what I eat for the holidays. Now, I know the first thing that is going to come to your mind is... what about all that hard work you've put in this whole year?! Well, let me tell you, that hard work is going to allow me to take a couple of days off and just enjoy. Enjoy family, enjoy traditions, and enjoy not having to worry about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to pig out on candies and cookies every time I see them (which is often since I work in an office). What I will do though, is enjoy a couple of cheat meals. I'm going to enjoy that 80/20 and not worry about it! We all work very hard throughout the year, and we're only human. We need to reward ourselves with some relaxation, and not beat ourselves up over whether or not we can have some of grandma's cookies. Eat Grandma's cookies for crying out loud! Grandma made those just for you! So, take a deep breath, pick the days you're going to just relax, and enjoy! Here are some tips for making the most of your holiday indulging.

Don't eat foods you don't like Don't waste your taste buds on cheap processed foods Don't indulge at an office potluck... save it for family dinners etc. Don't indulge every day, pick only the most important days Keep hydrated with water, try not to load up on alcohol and miss all the delicious food Don't give up your exercise routine

Now, get out there and enjoy your holidays!

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