The Most Important Workout Trick You Will Ever Learn

No one wants to do something that is boring. Seriously. And your workout routine is no exception. If you aren't enjoying it or find yourself bored, you are likely to find just about anything else to do and before you know it, you don't 'have time' to work out. If this is the case, MIX IT UP! Changing up your workout routine isn't just important for keeping yourself interested, it is important for avoiding and blasting through those hated plateaus. Our bodies are incredible machines. The more you do a particular movement, the more adept at doing it your body becomes. This is where plateaus come in. Your entire system has adjusted to the movements which means you will be burning fewer calories and not working your muscles as hard as you once were. An easy way to start changing things up is to change your playlist. Music can change your mood which in turn can change your attitude. If you are not interested in or engaged with your workout, you are only going to get half assed results. Pumping up your playlist can help you get a start on pushing yourself harder in the routine you've already got. Once you've done that, try adding new workouts to your routine. If you are mainly a cardio heavy exerciser, add some strength training and stretching. This will help build strength in your core (and other muscles) and may also lead to an improvement in your cardio. If you are generally taking a pass at cardio, add some treadmill sprints before your strength training. If you swim, go for hike or vice versa. You get the idea. Make your body guess what is coming. Have fun with it. How do you switch up your workout when you can feel boredom creeping in? We'd love to hear from you!

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