Improve your Mood with these Drinks & Foods

While at work for 9 hours a day, I started looking into different ways I could improve my mood. Not only for myself, but in the best interest of my co-workers!  Trying to not drink as much coffee, I needed to find an alternative… and I stumbled upon these few foods and drinks that are said to improve your mood! Cucumber Water -  One thing I can’t stand to drink, or have in my water atleast is lemon. BUT one thing that is def a must try is cucumber water!  Best part is it is so easy to make at home, and it has been said to approve your mood. Commonly used in spas, I gave this simple drink a try. Just chop up a cucumber and let it sit in chilled water for a few minutes. Very refreshing! Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate has nutrients called Flavonoids which helps boost thinking power. As if you needed another reason to want chocolate. I sometimes keep a handful of Dove Dark Chocolate pieces at my desk when I need a little pick me up – in moderation of course! A Crisp apple – A medium apple contains about 100 calories and approx. 20 grams of sugar. The  Calorie elements in one apple includes protein, fats and carbs like sugar and starch. Your body will process these nutrients and give you fuel for your cells – aka an apple gives you energy! Edamame – Best part about edamame is it has become such a convenient snack to get your hands on.  My freezer always has a few bags of frozen edamame for when I’m looking for a quick easy snack. Just microwave for steam them for a few minutes and you’ve got yourself a protein-packed snack! Almonds – You’ll always find an “emergency” pack of almonds in my desk, sitting right next to protein shake powder. Almonds will boost your Vitamin E which is helpful to your brain. A must need snack for the long days at work. Jasmine rice with butter – I was really excited when I heard about this one. I recently switched from plain brown rice to using Jasmine brown rice. Not only does it taste 100x better but it’s good for you and your health too. Greek Yogurt with Honey and Bran – not a typical snack when dieting for a show or photo-shoot for me but if you’re going to eat yogurt, Greek is def the way to go!  I love using honey as an alternative to sugar. All the ingredients together and you have a perfect little one the go snack. Green Tea – Green tea is suppose to be calming. Green tea has antioxidants to help blood flow and enhance memory and mood. So zen. Celery and fennel salad – this is one that I still need to try, but sounds delish! It was brought to my attention from a site I read one time, even though I love celery and peanut butter, I would def try the fennel salad! Anyone out there have any other foods/drinks that help boost your mood?!  Let me know!

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