In All Your Glory: Learn To Love The Skin You're In!

Loving your body can be complicated. It seems that no matter who we are, or where we turn, no matter what we accomplish, we receive a message that we are not good enough. We are too tall, or too short. Too fat, or too thin. Too muscular, or too weak. Some days, it feels like it never ends. blog2316   But here's the reality: you ARE good enough and these flaws are just in your head. When we get caught in the cycle of thinking about what we see as wrong with ourselves, we fail to see what is right. Your thoughts have power. Your thoughts determine your behavior. Your thoughts can cause you to hide yourself away from the world. Your thoughts can weigh you down. Flip the script on yourself. Instead of spending your day thinking about all the things you hate or would like to change about yourself, think about the things you like. We know that on some days, this will feel more difficult than it does on others. It doesn't have to be something big, maybe you like the way your hair curls at your temple or that dimple that appears when you smile. Maybe you think your toes are cute. Whatever it is, accept it and celebrate it just for you. It is part of you. It is part of your unique beauty. Try to be less critical of yourself. Try to quiet that little voice that tells you your body is wrong. Your body is not wrong. Your body just is. It is the vessel that carries you through your day. Everyday, it works for you. It allows the inner you to experience the world. Does it really matter that you don't have a six pack or have stretch marks on your hips? Cut your body a little slack! blog2638 You cannot spend your days worried what other people will think. If you want to wear a two piece at the beach or a curve hugging dress, wear it. Your beauty and value are not defined in the eyes of other people. Look at yourself more softly. Know that these things you love about yourself, and the things you loathe, are all just part of your life's journey. There may be things about your body your wish to change and we are here to support you in those transitions BUT positive change cannot come from a place of negativity. Wanting to lose weight or build more muscle doesn't mean that the body you have now is somehow faulty. Be proud of your body. Loving your body  as it is opens the door to those positive changes. If you are constantly comparing yourself to other people, you will never see yourself as you truly are. No one is perfect and when you try to judge your "flaws" against another's perceived perfections, you dim your remarkable light. Trust us, you are pretty incredible! blog3130   No matter what your body looks like, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, draw a line in the sand. Today is the day you stop waging war against yourself. Today is the day that all the negativity ends. It won't be easy but you CAN do it. Tell yourself every single day that you are enough and you are worth it. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are capable. Chin up, shoulders back! It is time to take on the world!

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