In Defence Of Compulsive Fitstagramming!

You either love them, hate them or you are them. I'm talking about fitstagrammers. Those people on my newsfeed who seem to be always working out and photo-documenting it.   Seeing #fitspirational postings leaves most people with one of two reactions - "Omg they are so fit. I wish I could do that!" or "Ugh, we get it! You work out! Now, if you don't start mixing up your pics with some cute kittens or what you ate for dinner last night, you're getting an 'unfollow'!" What really is the harm in posting gym selfies, shake recipes or awesome photos of yourself namasting it out on a mountaintop? For Shape writer Ashley Mateo, becoming a self-proclaimed fitstagrammer has not left her with haters, but motivators.   "As I posted more and more pictures, I noticed that I wasn’t losing followers who couldn’t understand why I was flooding their feeds with #fitspiration, but I was gaining a new kind of following: runners, bikers, swimmers, trainers, and other fitness addicts." explains Ashley, who avidly posts everything from candids of her yoga class to marathon selfies.   "Suddenly, I had a digital pack of cheerleaders that made posting even more gratifying." she says about the fitstagramming community. "They weren’t just quietly following either; they were leaving encouraging comments—virtual pats on the backs for each new milestone I passed." Instead of being bothered by fitstagram overloads, take a closer look at the connection this online fitness community creates and the motivation they provide each other to reach goals, feel body-positive and never give up. What are your thoughts? Are you pro fitstagram or prefer to keep your workouts free of selfies? Source: Shape  

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