The Most Inappropriate Piece of Fitness Equipment


So I'm all about finding things around the house to use for workouts.  I do my dips using my kitchen counter and my couch because I don't have an equalizer.  You use what you have!  But this new...piece of fitness equipment is completely inappropriate.  You would draw laughs from anyone seeing you use it.

This tug-toner thing is just ridiculous.  I mean besides the fact that the pictures are just plain...wrong.  I mean come on people just grab a free weight to do your workout.  It never fails to surprise me with the new 'amazing' workout equipment that companies come out with...all with the promise that it'll get you looking just like the models in their photos.

Mostly companies do this for revenue generator...they have to appear to be on the cutting edge of the fitness industry...and hey if they can get a muscular guy to model it for you the product basically walks off the shelves.  Remember the shake weight...I had a friend that purchased the shake weight.  Let me tell you they stopped within about a week.  Mostly because it didn't work anything.  Honestly the best way to workout is using time tested techniques that work.  Or bodyweight.  You weight more than you think.

I wouldn't be able to use the tug-toner without (one) blushing like crazy and (two) falling into peals of laughter.  Its just that ridiculous.  To be honest there is not one of the exercises pictures above that you couldn't do with a free weight or weight off a t-bar.

So please don't waste your money on this thing...unless of course you want to look over-sexual during your workout...and in that case more power to you I applaud your overwhelming self confidence.

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