There's Just NO place for FAT in an Athlete Conditioned to Get in the Ring for a Fight!


Because it slows you down, that's why when you look at MMA fighter's they are all Incredibly Fit, Lean, Strong, and Flexible....just look at Georges St. Pierre ;) He's in phenomenol amazing athlete ;)

Fighter's require lean muscle tissue to protect their bodies from hits, they also need to have functional movement to react appropriately in the fight, and they need excellent unbound flexibility to get out of awkward and uncomfortable positions without hurting themselves. They are also built to last more than one 5 minute round...and that's TOUGH! ... 

SO Conditioning is an MMA Fighter's Lifeline....

It's the most important element of training because without stamina and endurance all the technique in the world will not save them. I loved the conditioning drills from Jiu Jitsu especially, it was fun, creative, intense, mentally challenging, and always included flexibility and functional movements. Losing Weight and Getting Fit "Just Happens" when you train Martial Arts, it's a natural side effect. boxingc3

Even if you are not going to get in the ring anytime soon, training like a fighter is a fun way to get strong, lean, and mean don't have to get mean ;)

Here's a Workout that incorporates moves you can do at home...

1. SKIP 3 minutes 2. Jumping Jacks 50/40/30 + Mountain Climbers 50/40/30 (3 rounds) 3. Roll over burpees + jab/cross/hook/rear knee 10 times (rolling left & right) 4. Prisoner squats 5 fast + Hold low 5 seconds (Alternate 20 times) DSC07521 5. Squat Thrusters hands coming up off floor 20-30 reps DSC07516 DSC07518 6. SKIP 3 minutes 7. Plank + Alternate Knee to elbow  20 reps DSC07509 8. V-sits hands at ear 20 reps DSC07514 9. Scissor Kicks 10 reps + Hold legs straight out 5-10 seconds (repeat 5 times) DSC07525 I experienced from Martial Arts that Discipline, Focus, and Attention, is Critical to Achieving Results. Training for me is Mental, and Aesthetics is what Happens After... It’s a side effect of Dedication. So if you have an hour, a half hour, 2-4 times a week to exercise, be Dedicated and Committed to that time, and I Guarantee you will get Results!

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