Indoor Workouts For Winter Weather

Winter can be great for outdoor activities; skiing, skating, snowboarding, tubing, tobogganing (or ta-boozing for the adults); but after a while the cold weather gets, well, REALLY cold. So if you’re looking for some out-of-the-box indoor workouts to beat the winter blues, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 6 of my favourites:
  1. Yoga – If you know me, then you could’ve guessed this would be my first suggestion. I love yoga. I’m a total yoga pusher. Not only is yoga a great workout, but it might help beat any winter blues you may be going through too. Plus (if you practice hot yoga) there’s something awesome about walking out of a sauna-like room into the brisk January air and seeing your skin steam.
  2. Kick-boxing – by far one of the hardest, but most rewarding workouts I’ve ever done. It’s amazing cardio, and you work every single part of your body. You also feel really cool and tough afterwards, just saying.
  3. Trampolining – there’s a place close to my parents’ home called SkyZone, and it’s a giant indoor trampoline park. It’s so much fun, and is actually surprisingly tiring. Plus you can try cool flips, and fall on your head without much injury! (Not that I fall on my head a lot…). They have an area for free-style trampoline fun, there’s skyrobics, and even trampoline dodge ball! Which brings me to my next suggestion…
indoorwinterworkout 4. Dodgeball – And not just because I’m a fan of the highly underrated Vince Vaughn/Ben Stiller movie. My college actually had a pretty impressive dodgeball team; it takes a lot of coordination, and it’s great cardio. dodgeball-cast02 5. Rock climbing – Cardio, plus a killer workout on all of your muscle groups, indoor rock climbing is a great non-traditional workout. One word of warning: it’s REALLY hard if your limbs are incredibly short. As in my case, if you are almost 5’ tall, and mostly torso – it’s gonna be tough. 6. BodyRock workouts – well, this was a bit of an obvious answer, but it’s true! There’s no need to brave the cold at all, you only need to venture as far as your living room to get a great workout. And there’s so many to choose from, a quick one-off workout, or a 30-day challenge.

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