Injured and Discouraged?

Women often come to me with injuries. During classes and personal training, I always offer modifications in case people are working through soreness, joint pain, or injuries.  I received a email the other day from a woman who shared that she was having such a hard time because of an injury.  Because she couldn't work out, she lost her motivation to eat healthy. This lead to weight gain, which lead to depression. The truth is, there are a lot of women out there with aches, pains and injuries that keep them from moving.
             This topic hits home with me because I recently suffered a knee injury.  I had to discover for myself how to care for my body and find alternatives in order to still achieve my exercise goals.
           When I hurt my knee I was devastated because I really love to run! When I say I love to run, I mean I NEED to run. As a mom of four, getting out of the house to go for a run is a soul cleanse. So, when  I couldn't run (much less hardly walk), I wasn't sure what I would do with myself. As a mom and an athlete, it was my worst nightmare. What was I to do?
First and foremost I knew I needed to seek medical attention. A orthopedic helped me set up a plan for recovery, and get me back to running and working out. But even during my time off I needed to find ways to keep moving. I knew I couldn't run because the constant pounding wasn't good for my knee, so I started weight- training, and revisited a past love of swimming. I found that I really enjoyed weight-lifting because it challenged me in ways I had never experienced. Swimming gave me the cardio I craved, but was easier on my joints. Taking care of my injury was key. Stretching/Yoga became a daily routine for me as well. Yoga is very good for our bodies as we can realign, stretch and streghten.  We have to nurse our injuries so that we can get back to the things we love. If we don't rest and care for our bodies when we are injured, we will never get back to 100%.
I decided it was also the perfect time while I was icing to have quality "sofa time" with my children. They looked forward to my icing time because they knew we could read together, research healthy recipes, or watch a family movie.
Finally, I kept telling myself that this was only temporary... chin up!
You can do it too.  Be thankful for the things you CAN do!
~Find a good doctor and get a plan for recovery ~Seek out other ways to move and you may find a new passion ~Stretch ~Rest
~Take advantage of your resting time and use it for quality time with family or friends
~Don't give up!! Stay positive!!
Smile, Laugh and Love~  

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