Injured BodyRocking: Back & Abs

Hey Body Rockers what's going on.
Okay so I told you my last blog I've been getting hit up a lot about different inquiries and modifications for working out certain body parts to make them stronger without making an existing injury worse. So, the first one that I sent you guys was for abs, legs, and lower back strengthening.
Now, this next blog is really and for people who have a back injury and if you don't have a back injury and you can still do this workout by still challenging yourself in giving it 150%. You see the one thing about working out and doing these types of workouts at home which we call HIIT (high intensity interval training) is no matter if you have an injury or don't have an injury there's ways to modify each workout each exercise each rep to make it easier to start, always go slower doing the exercise at a slower pace to make sure you get the full range of motion and  to make it a little bit more difficult still make a full range of motion but at a faster speed which is causing your heart rate to pump even faster which is causing you to sweat like crazy... you'll see in my videos that are be coming soon I sweat very easily and I LOVE TO SWEAT! Haha, I always tell people S.I.S (Sweat is Sexy) haha
So now this next workout is a pretty good challenging one and it also is to help back injured people as well to start off a Single Arm Swimmers raising the opposite hand to the opposite leg causing a small pinch in your lower back when you going to switch sides in alternate back-and-forth left arm right leg right arm left leg. You want to really feel like you're swimming but on the ground ha ha I know that sounds pretty crazy.
Now after the swimmers, you're going to do Side Bends. Objective of the side bend is to actually crunch no sign obliques with some of his car muffin top biplane push it by pushing one side and pulling on the opposite side all the way down to touch the ground keeping your back straight contracting those abs at the same time.
A very important key to remember when training abs and trust me I can speak about this because I used to be 262 pounds and 42% body fat so I never ever imagined ever having even a four pack a two pack or even a six pack and I have had all three...not by just my diet or my training but, a combination of everything. The main key you do want to remember when contracting your Domino muscles make sure you brief and tighten those obliques in that area that you're focusing on going to allow the oxygen in your abs so that way you can focus more primarily on the muscle that's been crunched it worked on almost like tightening your abs before someone punches you in the stomach releasing the air and tightening.
The next exercise is called Laying Down Side Oblique Crunch ... so lay completely straight on one side and you're in a focus on that one side it's up in the air. Bring in your elbow to the outside of your thigh or knee contracting those abs. Remember guys breathe. Tighten those abs let the air out as you come up to contract the side muscle.
The next one is called the Single Arm Bent Over Row...this extra exercise isolates the lats and the biceps so the positive muscle being used here is your back and lats the negative muscle is your bicep so make sure when you do this and extend your arm full extension to get that stretch and your lats and then pull all the way back as far as you can to contracted the back and bicep  muscle.
Then last but not least Bent Over Rows... it also isolates the lats, the lower back, and biceps. Take a look at my demo picture... you want to make sure you're squared your feet so they are shoulders with apart when you bring the bar up underneath your stomach your contracting you're back by bringing your arms all the way as back as far as possible
So BodyRockers I just gave you a very good workout that isolates back and abdominal core muscles. The crazy thing about that is you use stabilizing muscles ALL THE TIME. Stabilizing meaning do use them for everything whether you laugh cry talk or grab something you're utilizing those to me muscles back and abs. So this workout will strengthen those muscles and if you have a back injury these exercises will work as well to build those muscles as well.
Now, for your workout you're going to do all of these exercises for five rounds. After you do a complete round of each exercise for the amount of seconds that I'm telling you to do below I want you to take a 90 second  break then you going to go with your next round then take another 90 second break then keep going to complete 3 to 5 rounds. Your goal should be to reach five rounds of full range of motion.
Round one do the exercises for 20 seconds each.
Round to do the exercises 40 seconds each.
Room three do the exercises 60 seconds each.
Round four do the exercises 80 seconds each.
And last but not least for those advanced, the fifth-round do each exercise 100 seconds each.
If you're not feeling this within 48 hours something went wrong ha ha hopefully you guys are just as sore as I am after I do this exercise. Thank you for following me sending me emails giving me opinions and your information and making me feel welcomed and loved my BodyRock family.
You BodyRockers Rock!!
Smile & Breathe,


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