Inkbox: The Best Thing in Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for quite some time. They are a permanent form of self expression, and range from small to big, simple to intricate, funny to spiritual, and so on. They are artistic symbols today's society has taken full advantage of. And while our grandparents are still shaking their heads for what they believe is "ruining" our natural bodies, we continue to cover our skin in what we love. tattoo But just like fads, sometimes our tattoos only have a time and a place for so long, and we end up feeling regretful for ever getting it in the first place. We head to the tattoo shop and try to cover up our old boyfriend's name with something abstract, or we spend loads of cash trying to remove the tattoo. Or perhaps we've been thinking about this one tattoo for a while, but unsure if we want to follow through with it or not. That's where these next two guys come along. Brothers Tyler and Braden Handley founded a tattoo company called Inkbox, where you can get a temporary tattoo that lasts about two weeks. tattoo The idea came about because neither of the men could decide on a tattoo that they wanted, so they solved their problem by developing a technique using a fruit-based “ink” that gives customers the look and feel of an actual tattoo. The process works by using four different layers which safely and effectively distribute the formula, which is organic, to your skin. Once you put the ink patch on, applying it with a damp cloth for 10 minutes, the artwork will gradually begin to appear. Typically it takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for the temporary tattoo to appear. Have you ever regretted getting a tattoo and wished this invention had been around to help you try it out for a while? Source: Buzzfeed

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