Innovative Furoshiki Shoes Designed To Wrap Around Your Feet

Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto may have solved your perfect fit footwear troubles. Furoshiki Shoes were released this year by Italian footwear company, Vibram -- the same people who have brought you the FiveFingers line of shoes. Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths used to transport goods as seen below. wrap The shoes that are named after these cloths have no laces, wrap around the foot and fasten with velcro. shoes2 In a world where store bought shoes don't fit quite right and custom made shoes are too expensive, these might be the next big thing! They are light weight and bright with a sole that adapts to any surface. The shoes are available in five colours: violet, pearl, black, aqua and jean. They are currently being sold for $140 in the Japanese Vibram store but should be more widely available soon. Keep your eyes open! What do you think? Are these shoes the answer to your footwear prayers? Source: Earth Porm Photo credit:

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