Inside Guys Minds: What They Really Want in a Relationship

What do men want? We've all asked ourselves this question at one time or another. When we've felt disheartened, and that there is no man out there who will appreciate us According to research and age old wisdom, men are, by nature, simple creatures. They like women who are, subsequently, uncomplicated. Here are what men look for and find most attractive and valuable in a relationship:
  • You don't measure love in material things and cherish gifts/surprises you receive
  • You seek peace in a relationship and don't aim to start arguments if you can help it
  • You understand life is full of peaks and valleys, and you stand behind your man with every challenge that arises
  • You know being in a relationship is a team effort
  • He feels he can trust you and that you extend that trust back to him
  • You have your own interests, and respect that you can branch off from each other at times and experience things separately
  • You have empathy and can view situations maturely and responsibly
  • You don't have to try to be "chill", you just have a naturally easy going personality
The best, strongest couples are those who balance each other out. Remember it is not only about you and your personality, but his as well. Got any relationship advice to share with us?          

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