Inside Molly Sim's Extremely Dangerous Model Diet!

Everyone wants a model body, but at what cost? For supermodel Molly Sims, being a size 0 took a toll on her wellbeing. She was strutting the catwalks of Victoria's Secret and posing for Sports Illustrated in her glory days, but looking back on the what she put herself through, Molly says she could never go back. "I would go to the ashram, I would walk 14 miles a day." claims Molly. "It was very difficult to stay the weight that you're supposed to stay — for me.​" At 23, Molly was so self-obsessed with her image that she wanted to undergo plastic surgery to correct her imperfections. She starved herself for days on end just to squeeze into size 0 clothes, and still she thought it wasn't enough. [caption id="attachment_126600" align="alignnone" width="595"](Photo: Molly Sims/Instagram) (Photo: Molly Sims/Instagram)[/caption] [bctt tweet="Starving herself and walking 14 miles a day! "] "At the time, I thought I was so heavy. Isn't that crazy?" Molly says. "What we all learn is that beauty isn't a size 2. It's not a size 4, it's not a size 12. It's how you feel."   Now Molly is a mother and loving wife, and isn't concerned with maintaining a certain pants size. She stays healthy by doing yoga, boxing and spinning along with eating a nutrient-rich, high-fiber diet. She hasn't resorted to any extreme measures to stay in shape, and she still looks fabulous. What are your thoughts on Molly's journey to health? Source: Cosmopolitan

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