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Lisa received this amazing message from a BodyRocker who wishes to stay anonymous. Many of you probably saw this on Facebook already, but it needs to be shared again.    

Hi Lisa, I don't know where to begin, I've been following body rock from the beginning and while I didn't do them religiously I've always been a fan of high intensity work outs. I started following you much more closely the past year or so. I've always been a runner, in my younger days I was specifically a sprinter, but as I've gotten older I have fallen in love with distance running and hope to compete in a marathon within the next 2 years. I've always been very active participating in as many sports and workout programs as I can. I was in the military and had a blast during basic training and the level of physical activity we had. I loved Insanity, and still do, but it becomes pretty repetitive after you've done it for what seem to be about your 10th round of 60 days! I also loved crossfit but it becomes extremely expensive after awhile and often their schedule wasn't compatible with mine. I loved the 30 day challenge for many reasons. I love the variety in your workouts and how it is always changing. It never feels repetitive or gets boring. These 30 days were amazing. I haven't sweated during a workout like I have in quite awhile You are such an inspiration and and motivation to keep going. While doing the 30 days I cheated and would follow you rather than you going first so I had someone to compete with, you usually won. More than giving me a workout you have given me much more. I have suffered with anorexia for 15 years and recently had to go away for in-patient treatment as my eating disorder completely consumed me. I was very sick and unhealthy and in a very bad way mentally and physically. While everyday is a struggle to be as healthy as I can and make the right decisions for my health and happiness. My health is much improved and again while everyday is a struggle I am learning to trust what my body tells me and give it the proper fuel it needs. I have always found a sense of belonging and joy in physical activity and exercise. You and your program give me a sense of belonging and pride for my body. When I feel I am not strong enough to get through until the beep you always manage to pipe up and say something that pushes me. You are very real and with many programs I found I didn't get that and I would become discouraged. It felt like I was chasing an impossible goal. Seeing the host just blast through the reps while I am struggling made me feel like I would never be as good as them and would end up fueling me to make the wrong choices to try to achieve a certain goal I set for myself. To see you be real, sweat, take a break, lower weight etc again makes it feel like I am with a genuine person. I hope you don't mind but I've more or less adopted you as part of my treatment team as you are helping teach me to accept my body for what it is and the amazing things it can do for me. Where I only saw failure and resentment toward my body I am learning to accept and respect it for everything it can do. I am able to see my strengths and weaknesses for what they are and rather than dwell, embrace and try to change if I can. It kills me a little inside when I see negativity on your page whether directed at you or body or a fellow bodyrocker. I became angry and discouraged when people feel the right to say cruel things to others especially about their bodies, I can empathize so much. I see the way you respond and I am envious of your strength, self confidence, and ability to brush things off and not let them affect you, that is one of the things I am working on. The respect you show every single person is humbling and you motivate me not just to work out but to be as kind, compassionate, and accepting of others as you are. You are also helping me be compassionate and kind to myself which is something I have never done before. I always punished my body for not being what I wanted it to be and I am learning I need to be kind to myself and treat my body with respect to achieve the goals I want. My body is mine it is unique like a fingerprint. It will never look like somebody elses which I need to learn to embrace it's individuality. I am trying to learn and remember everything it can do for me especially after what I have done to it. As much as I want to be able to post a picture I am still not in a place with my confidence to put myself out there. I still fear judgement. I hope maybe soon I will be able to post a picture telling everyone how much I love my body. I am not there yet but am confident I WILL get there. (I please ask if you are to post this not to include my name. I know a few people here who are unaware of all of this and I'm not ready to tell people yet) Thank you so much for just being you Lisa!

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