Inspirational BodyRocker: 10lbs down in ONE MONTH

Inspirational BodyRocker: Jennie   I have never done this before but I have been bodyrocking since September and I cannot believe the changes I have seen in my body and so quickly! I am 5'5" and last April I weighed 155 pounds. Over the summer I tried to eat healthier and i worked out like crazy running about 5 miles a day and only lost about 5 pounds. Finally in August I buckled down and really started focusing on my diet and changed it completley. Within a month I lost 10 pounds. I found BodyRock on facebook and the workouts looked a lot more fun than running like I was so I tried one out and was instantly hooked. I seriously cannot get enough of these workouts. They are fun and different each time which helps me a lot to stay consistent. I just finished up the 30 day challenge but I added in some weight training and do each of workout twice as long giving me a 24 minute workout. I also started a dairy free diet and just I. A couple weeks I have noticed a difference! I am down to 129 pounds and haven't felt this good and strong in a long time!! I'm so thankful for the coaches and bodyrockers who work to make it fun and easily attainable!! BodyRocker for life!!   1927087_718380878184775_1161371239_n Follow BodyRock TV /'s board BodyRock Boot Camp - 21 Day Challenge on Pinterest. Join BodyRock Boot Camp!

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