Inspirational BodyRocker - OMG!

Hi, I am Jennifer I am 32 and have been FAT not chubby or thick or curvy I was FAT, it took me a long time to be able to say that out loud!!! I just finished my 3rd 30 day challenge. I am down 40 pounds and it has made the world of a difference in not just health but my confidence. I wake up with energy, I dont even need coffee anymore! Your page and pictures you post has helped me stay inspired! I know in the end it is up to me but having reminders everywhere that I can do it HELPS!! I am very proud and I look forward to keeping this LIFE CHANGE (not diet) going. I am down from a size 22w to a 10-12. I honestly do not remember the last time I have been this size. It was never about weight but about setting an example for my family and trying to live long enough to maybe have a child myself. I AM HAPPY AND HEALTHY!! Thank you for your support and amazing success stories! 1623592_10201448919647793_1259520917_n 1622210_10201448919287784_1971703798_n Regardless if you agree with Jennifer's choice of words in describing herself, recognizing her need and desire to make a life change IS the right decision. But it's not an easy one. Jennifer, you should be incredibly proud of yourself. WE are incredibly proud of you. Not everyone can be that honest with themselves and furthermore - make a real plan to see a change. You are incredible and we are so incredibly humbled that you find your inspiration from us - because you are ours. Your mentality & drive are remarkable. And we can only hope that it will be contagious amongst other BodyRockers. For those of you who are in a similar situation to Jennifer, mentally or physically, she is proof that YOU CAN DO IT! And that we are here to help you. Jennifer is on her THIRD 30 Day Challenge with us - click here if you're ready to hiit yours.  And notice how Jennifer says LIFE CHANGE - not diet? Click here if you're ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE  

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