Inspirational BodyRocker: 30 Day Transformation

Dear Lisa, first I wanted to thank you. What you doing for all of us, it's just amazing, you are amazing. Before your 30 day challenge I have never ever done anything like this before, went to the gym few times but didn't really know what to do. Your workouts are hard, very hard, but it's also fun! You are so motivating and I thank you for that, I wanted to give up so many times during my workout and every time I struggled you shouted not to give up that you are watching me, and I always laughed , like you really were there with me. I'm sending you before & after picture, because I'm really proud of myself, I just want to ask you, if you post it, could you NOT post it with my name? Like you said, there is lots and lots of haters and also I'm not ready to show myself to everyone I know, sounds silly I know but still Thank you very much again, for what you are doing for us xxx I lost 2 kg and 9.5 cm all over my body during these 30 days. I still have to work on my diet but still i think it's pretty good
  This brave BodyRocker started seeing INCREDIBLE results after completing the 30 Day Challenge. 30 DAYS! That's all it took to change her attitude, her body and her life. She didn't want to share her name, and that's okay. But, anonymous BodyRocker, you should wear your progress with pride because you've done an incredible job! We hope that once you are further in your fitness journey, you feel the same :) Like she said, she still needs to work on her diet though - and that's the case for many people struggling to get fit and STAY fit. A change in diet and nutrition will bring your training and results to the next level. Enjoy the right foods with us and see what a difference eating to support your fitness goals can achieve. Click here to check out our nutrition guide and get the results you WANT and DESERVE.

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