Inspirational BodyRocker: 470lbs Down and Not Stopping!!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Neil 4 years ago I weighed 760lbs. I've lost 470lbs and counting my new goal is to lose 30 more by the end of August to make my 500lbs lost.. Before I started my new life I couldn't walk over 15ft without setting down washing my face and brushing my teeth I would get out of breath, I was at the me of my rope I was seriously thinking of ending my life.. God saved me he took a guy who ate 20.000 calories a day and did nothing but run his backhoe then come home and set in his chair To a guy who is very strict with his food and workouts 11-12 times a week . Not only did God save me he gave my son a life, because my son had to do everything for me.. I have such along story, I was severely obese for over 23 years.. But what I'm most proud of is since I became a trainer the people I've helped have lost 2600lbs and counting. In the last month I have lost 15lb more thanks to BodyRock, I do love the motivational posts and pictures. And all the food advise and recipes. As we all know we need all the tips we can get I know I lost all this weight but when I look at I always learn something.. Thank you so much for all the help you give millions of people everyday   20140311_103326 20140424_113657 neil-weight-loss-story-3 neil-weight-loss-story-5   Neil, you are an inspiration to ALL BodyRockers. Well done.    nutritionguideoffer  

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