Inspirational BodyRocker: Alicia

Hey Lisa! I have wanted to submit this for a long time, but have been nervious. I am still not to my ultimate goal but have progressed in a direction that I am very proud of. Your videos and constant motivation have made a difference in my life since July 1st, 2012. This is when I started my first 30 day challenge and have since that day. I can't say I have been perfect but I just keep going. I am down 50lbs since then and have kept it off. January 1st I will start my next phase, which will be to be down another 50. This will bring me to my ultimate state of fitness. I am not looking at the pounds, I just know, if I loose this amount, I will go in the direction of health and fitness I am looking for Thanks for helping me SMASH it haha! 1535578_551976791559477_776357102_n   Way to go Alicia. You SHOULD be proud. Hopefully you'll join us for the NEW 30 Day Challenge! All you other BodyRockers, are you ready? January 15th is fast approaching! Click the picture below to join! signup2

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