Inspirational BodyRocker: Alison

Hi Lisa, Here are my results from the 30 Day Challenge. 7.5 Inches lost, 6 lbs lost, Woohoo! I am really happy with the results, and want to thank you for pushing me through each and every challenging workout. I had to fit the long(over 1 hr) workouts in early before work which was way out of my comfort zone but I was able to get them in. My biggest takeaway from this challenge is that I am stronger, have more cardio endurance, and have been able to cope with my stressful workdays much better. This is the time of year I am usually the most inactive and less strict with my diet, but this 30 day challenge has kept me on track. Thank you for an awesome 30 days! Already signed up for the next on March 24. Thanks again Lisa!   1496638_551973894893100_1720133398_n  

Way to go Alison! Your dedication to the challenge truly shows! Can't wait to see you hiiting with us in the next challenge.

Will you join her?

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