Inspirational BodyRocker: Armani

Hi Lisa!!!!! I am Armani Chien, a BodyRocker from Taiwan. I've been bodyrocking for six months. Yesterday, I just finished my 30 days challenge. And I really want to share my final results with you. I am so happy that I feel stronger than ever before; especially, my arms have almost screamed everyday since day 1. It is you, Lisa, that pushed me to lift more weight. On day 1, my sandbag was just about 17 LB, but at the end of the challenge, I can use 28 LB sandbag to do clean&press and bicep curl. I am so proud of myself!!!!Thank you so much, Lisa!!!! Now, I am now taking the" Burn Fast Fast Challenge". Looking forward to see your new 30 day OMG challenge.....I know making these film must be hard but I love it sooooo much!!! Just like a personal trainer, you really workout with me everyday~~~ btw sorry for my poor English....hahaha

If ANY BodyRockers feel they are slipping and losing that drive to push forward, remember that you are part of a community – a family. And we support each other. Being fit isn’t a short term goal, it’s a lifestyle! Click here to keep hiiting it with our Fry Fat 5 Day Challenge!

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