Inspirational BodyRocker: Ashleigh

So here it is, still a lot of work to do but mainly nutrition wise. I'm very happy with how much stronger I've become and I know that I'm healthier after these thirty days. So before measurements are lb's: 155, bust:38, chest: 33, waist:33, hips: 40.5, r. Thigh: 23.5, l.thigh: 23, l. Arm: 12, r. Arm: 12:((( After measurements bust: 37.5, chest: 32 waist: 32.5, hips: 40, r. Thigh: 23, left thigh: 23, left arm: 11.5, r. Arm: 11.5. Weight stayed the same at 155 lb. No excuses but my after measurements were taking right after working out which I've been told increases your measurements because your muscles are still engorged. But still overall I'm excited to continue my journey of improvement! Thank you so much Lisa for your incredible program.   For many BodyRockers, the change in nutrition can be the hardest part. Bring your training and results to the next level by enjoying the right foods with us and see what a difference eating to support your fitness goals can achieve. Click here to check out our nutrition guide and get the results you WANT and DESERVE.

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