Inspirational BodyRocker: Cassandra

Cassandra Renee

This is me. The first pic was before I got pregnant I weighed 142, waist-25, hips-39, thighs-20, chest-34. When I was pregnant it seemed all I wanted was McDonald's breakfast and hotdogs for every other meal. I gained 42 pounds during my pregnancy, so I ended up weighing 184 pounds when I had my son. After I had my son I had a serious infection from the C-section that had almost cost my life just a week after I had him. They had to take out 6 ounces of dead tissue from under my c-section scar, it was so bad they could not stitch it closed, so I had to wear a pump for a couple months and then after I got the pump out, I had to dry pack the wound tell it the new skin was flush with the other skin. After that it was recovery and trying to figure out what I can and cannot do with my body. I had to alter what I ate and the calorie intake because pregnancy almost like rewired my body, what I used to eat made me gain more weight. It has been a major struggle and I just found out I still have diastasis racti(the abdominal split from pregnancy). Even with all of this, I am down 36 pounds from even after I had my son.

My current weight is 148, waist-27, hips-38, thighs-22, chest-36.

I am happy with my body right now and realize I will never have my abs back. But I really wanted to thank everyone for their support and most of all bodyrock(when I started) and dailyhiit(for today) for changing my body and helping me through my tough times.   Like so many BodyRockers, Cassandra had to alter her DIET as well as her exercise in order to get results. Bring your training and results to the next level by enjoying the right foods with us and see what a difference eating to support your fitness goals can achieve. Click here to check out our nutrition guide and get the results you WANT and DESERVE.

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