Inspirational BodyRocker - Gained 18lbs of MUSCLE!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Irina

  The first picture I was to embarrassed to even show my face . I've had a baby and the before pic is about 2 months after giving birth and the after was taken 2 days ago. Its been 11 months ever since. :)After I had my son I gained a lot of weight. Before I got pregnant I was a size 4. My pregnancy wasn't as nice as it thought it would be. I was always in pain and even a 5 minute walk was like hell for me. Because of the lack of physical activity I gained weight to a size 12. After my son was born and the doc gave me the GO on the working out part (2 months after birth) It was sooo hard! Since I had no muscles left, I couldn't even do simple up and down jumps. I was out of breath after 3 jumps. I cried so many times but I knew there was no way I would give up. And now im on my last few pounds. All together I lost 22 lbs which may not sound much but I also gained about 18 lbs muscle weight. So if you add that, that makes about 40 lbs on fat that I lost :) all I can say is that I'm EXTREMELY happy that I didn't give up, as hard as it was in the beginning. Just always kept in mind that it will get better and that its not impossible. So many others did it so why shouldn't I be able to do it too? unnamed Irina this is so incredible. Way to freaking go! You had a goal in mind and even though it was tough at times - you persevered. You should be incredibly proud! And your story is an incredible reminder that the number on the scale does NOT matter! It's apparent that you lost an incredible amount of weight - but because you put on so much muscle, that number isn't that low. And that's a good thing! Building 18lbs of muscle is NOT easy.

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