Inspirational BodyRocker: Jodi

Jodi's Story:

Hi Lisa! So I have hesitated telling you my long drawn out story and the journey I have been on with you for almost a year. Obviously you have a life so I will keep this as brief as possible. I have been an athlete and fitness buff since I was a child. I have always been slim-however my family struggles with weight issues so I have always worked really hard to keep my small frame slim. Through having my four boys I was an avid runner, running became my life, breath and strength for 10 years. I competed in many races and even trained for and completed 4 triathlons. About 2 1/2 years ago I got injured and struggled to get healthy enough to run again. My weekly mileage plummeted from 45 miles per week to 15 or 20. My body started to change and I was not happy with how I looked or how my clothes fit.

Then I heard about BodyRock.

It changed my life! Below is a photo from December 2012 and one from yesterday. Wow!
During the 30 day challenge I lost an additional 4 lbs and another 9 1/2 inches overall!
Thank you so much for your dedication, love, humor and overall kick-assness that you bring to all of our lives! I never thought at 37, being a mother of 4 I could feel so amazing and strong. Thank you---Jodi from California.   Before:   After:   Jodi, you are an inspiration to ALL BodyRockers and we cannot be happier that you are a part of our community! Keep up the amazing work and stay motivated! If ANY BodyRockers feel they are slipping and losing that drive to push forward, remember that you are part of a community - a family. And we support each other. Being fit isn't a short term goal, it's a lifestyle! Click here to keep hiiting it with our Fry Fat 5 Day Challenge!

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