Inspirational BodyRocker: Karina

Hi Lisa, I did the 30 day challenge @ www.bodyrock.tvI've been following Body Rock TV for more than a year now and I can say you became my inspiration! I went down 4 sizes and lost 32lbs. Thank You so much !!!!! Yesterday I finished the 30days Challenge ( Wowwww) . It took me more than 30 days to complete it because my work schedule did not help , but somehow I did it and I loved every single day.. cant wait for the next challenge. Today I am starting your "30 Day's BodyRock Squat Challenge " .So excited!!! And here is the most funniest thing: the guy once I thought was the man of my life told me i wasnt fit and active enough for him . What to say ?! Please keep challenging us! Xxx
Don't let ANYONE get you down! Embrace your challenges and goals with pride and leave the rest behind. Want awesome results like Karina? Gotta hiit it like her! Click here to check out our newest 7 Day challenge and Hiit it!

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