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It may come as some surprise for people who know me now, to find out that I was NOT one of these BORN athletes. As a child, all the way through high school, I was more interested in the arts. I loved dance, piano, theatre, music, traveling etc. Never was I a cheerleader, a soccer player, lacrosse player or anything of the sort. Even entering college, it seemed like everyone I met was involved with sports on some level but me. Heck, during my gym classes in high school, I HATED putting on the uniforms and those nasty polyester shorts and going out and running the mile for time! UGH. I walked it. [caption id="attachment_31390" align="aligncenter" width="500"]carrie-pic-4 I mean, those shorts. Just awful. How could I run the mile in shorts like that? Dig the socks though.[/caption]

I just didn't apply myself at all physically in school since I thought I really didn't have to. I focused on my grades and theatre and that got me through.

The first year of college was tough for me. I'm a very family oriented gal. I never left home for anything. My freshman year in college, I was homesick BIG TIME. You've heard of the 'Freshman 15?' I LOST 15 pounds. What I did gain though, is a love for running. I never in my LIFE thought I could ever "RUN," and enjoy it. It was the only thing that really cleared my head, and gave me time to reflect on how my life was changing. It was MY time. My alone time. I ran ALL THE TIME.

Then something happened that nobody can ever prepare for. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer. This was devastating. I was away from my family, really had no idea what was going on on a daily basis, and this really made me sink lower into this depression that I had been feeling. I was consumed by working out, running and not eating properly. I knew at the time, it wasn't healthy, but it was as if I couldn't stop myself. Friends were concerned. Family was concerned. But, it was the only way I thought I knew how to cope with the situation. My father went thru chemo and treatments, and thankfully came out ok in the end.

Because of his obesity, I could remember going thru adolescence and him dealing with constant weight issues. Gallstones, gastric bypass that worked, and then didn't work (he still battles with this to this day), and then colon cancer. I hated the thought of him being sick, and vowed to never let myself get that way. He is such a giving person, that will literally give you the shirt off his back, and to see him going thru this was heartbreaking. Not only was HE in pain, but we ALL were.  Long story short, I became interested in health and fitness. I also wanted to help others feel good and achieve their fitness goals. Fast forward almost 2 decades later, I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor who helps others, teaches classes and offers nutritional advice. I am also a mother of 2 girls with a 3rd on the way by end of year. I want to instill in them the importance of health and fitness in their lives. With so much childhood obesity in this day and age, I want to not only speak health and fitness, but be a role model for my girls.

photo-6720 weeks pregnant with baby #3

After the birth of my first in 2009, it took me a good year to get back into shape. Along with moving to a new city, I was a first time mother. I knew NOTHING. I did struggle, dealt with the 'baby blues' until finally I snapped out of it and starting dealing with life. I LOVED being a mother, but juggling everything became difficult. (You can read about that in previous blog here.) . Finally I had things under control, and then got pregnant with my 2nd in 2011. I had another good pregnancy, and was able to keep active throughout. I went on a 3 mile run 2 days before I delivered her and felt great!

Getting back into shape after my 2nd was a little tricky, having a newborn and a toddler. But, I made it work. I made it a priority. I would wake up at 5:45am and get that run in or during nap time, pop in Beachbody's INSANITY and get to it! No excuses. As always, it HAS TO BE a lifestyle change. This is when I discovered I LOVED that I could get a HIIT workout in in 1/2 the time of my runs or DVD videos, and feel exhausted! I loved it! I lost all the weight I had put on while pregnant and then some. I was in better shape after my 2nd baby than I ever was. I was more fit and looked healthier than I did even on my wedding day. Added bonus?  I didn't have to workout for and hour or more at a time, since I was working efficiently and effectively. This motivated me even more to get back into training and teaching and helping others once again.

[caption id="attachment_31400" align="aligncenter" width="500"]before and after On the left, 2 days before I delivered my 2nd. Middle and right photos taken about 6 months postpartum after completing Insanity and HIIT workouts on[/caption] I LOVED working out with BodyRock. The workouts changed daily and using my own creative imagination from teaching, I was able to even create my own HIIT workouts. After the encouragement of friends, I started a Youtube page!  This along with training clients privately, I was back in my element and felt great! Then surprise, surprise, I got pregnant with my third and current pregnancy! I had just run a 1/2 marathon when I found out about a week later that I was pregnant! A definite blessing for us, and so grateful! I had already committed to teaching an entire summer's worth of boot camp classes and did so training some amazing women. I had a blast!! So much so that I continued the classes into the fall and have a week left of teaching before I break before baby #3 arrives! At almost 34 weeks now, I feel great and am so thankful to have had another healthy pregnancy and stay active throughout. I continue to do the Dailyhiit workouts, along with many that I have created as well!

Photo on 10-25-13 at 3.36 PM

 I became involved with BodyRock as a blogger, when our motivating trainer Lisa-Marie saw my Youtube video doing one of the HIIT workouts SHE created! I wanted to show her, that at the time, even a mother of 2, who was 20+ weeks pregnant could still train and do the workouts with modifications. As a pre/post natal fitness specialist, I have also helped many others to stay active during their pregnancies and really educate women on the benefits of exercise and eating right during this amazing time as well. You can check out many of my DailyHiit posts on pre/post natal fitness, as well as Exercising while your pregnant and abdominal recovery postpartum. I will continue to create more Youtube videos such as this one I created last week doing one of my own workouts!

I hope to be able to help millions of other women on their fitness journey and through motherhood, with all the challenges and obstacles it may throw at them! In life, we all have to make sacrifices. We all have challenges and obstacles that may get in the way of your health and fitness goals. The key is to remind yourself that YOU are worth YOUR time. You can't GIVE yourself to anyone else, if you have nothing to give. Make it a priority. Make the time, don't find the time. Your health is a priority. Something that always rings true for me across the board is this…..

"Motivation is what gets you started, HABIT is what keeps you going." - Jim Ryun

Commit to be FIT in body and mind! You can make the change. Believing in yourself that you CAN do it, is the first step.

Best of luck!! Your DailyHIit blogger and trainer Krissy Moore

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