Inspirational BodyRocker: Kristen

Thank you for your most recent post. I also suffered the same issues with being made fun of for wearing a brace and being crooked my entire life. Adding fitness into my life changed everything!!! I never thought I would be asked "how do you make your body look so good?". Thank you for your awesome page and for making people aware of a very common disease! Love your page! 1466142_536808553076301_177665486_n Kristen is referring to this article here, which explored the incredible transformation of one teenage girl with scoliosis. It also mentioned the story of our own community manager, Taylor, who suffers from the same issues. Kristen, thank you for sharing your story with us. Know that you are most certainly not alone. And to all those BodyRockers out there who may feel that they are - you are not. As long as you are BodyRocking, you are a part of this community. Please send us your stories and lets help each other stay positive and focused. It's people like Kristen that have the incredible bravery to share their struggles, that remind us tremendous things are possible. If you'd like to share your story and become an Inspirational BodyRocker, please email them to All BodyRockers that are brave enough to include their picture (your face cropped out is fine) will receive a FREE copy of our Ultimate Holiday Fat Blocker guide Why are we asking for pictures: well it's true that a picture is worth 1,000 words. And in the BodyRock community, those words may change someones life Holiday_Insta

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