Inspirational BodyRocker: Lauren

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Sean and Freddy for all that you do. I have never felt so motivated about changing my body. Your positive attitude and overall zest for health and fitness is so refreshing. You have truly changed my life. About two years ago I was infected with MRSA in my knee. I went through two operations and afterward ended up on crutches. My weight kept climbing up, up, up. I felt so defeated, depressed, and embarrassed. I got all the way up to 242.8 lbs. I decided to make the change on Easter of this year. I started researching eating & exercise plans and considered getting a gym membership. After seeing a million options that all looked the same, one of my friends posted about BodyRocking. I pulled up the site and I was instantly hooked. You guys are so unique, and amazingly enthusiastic! I have been bodyrocking for a month now and there is no stopping me! I wanted to show you a before and after. The first photo was exactly 1 month ago. I see a lot of before and after photos on BR with people who are so close to their ideal weight, so fit, and I think some people may be a little intimidated or feel like it's impossible. Here is what a single month of body rocking can do for someone starting at a much heavier weight:   1467408_528028930620930_181407046_n1461240_528028937287596_1760005160_n   Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Lauren. We get so many requests to see transformations like yours and could not be more appreciative of you sharing your story with us! To keep seeing those results, you must keep your nutrition in check too! A change in diet and nutrition will bring your training and results to the next level. Enjoy the right foods with us and see what a difference eating to support your fitness goals can achieve. Click here to check out our nutrition guide and get the results you WANT and DESERVE. If you're ready to Hiit it with us, sign up below to join BodyRock Boot Camp!
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