Inspirational BodyRocker: Lost 100lbs!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Sabrina *Translated from French* I've had 3 children and gained 120lbs. At my heaviest I weighed 245lbs total One day I woke up and was tired of seeing my overweight body. I was feeling like a cow. So I began watching what I ate... And then I started biking and some small exercises... I felt like I needed more motivation so I started working with a personal trainer and started BodyRocking. I still have a long ways to go to reach my goals but I'm well on my way..... My trainer helps me because he calls me if I don't show up. And Lisa helps me if I'm moving slow at home.   Thank you! 1962584_10203732322095069_446120824_n   [caption id="attachment_44192" align="alignnone" width="720"]Picture 1; pregnant 38 week. Picture 2. 3 month later lost 40 lbs picture 3; lost 75 lbs picture 4 lost 100 lbs. Picture 1; pregnant 38 week.      Picture 2. 3 month later lost 40 lbs   Picture 3; lost 75 lbs    Picture 4 lost 100 lbs.[/caption] We're so proud of you Sabrina. You wanted to see change, you went after it and you EARNED it. And you recognized that DIET is such a huge part of that change. There is no substitute for clean eating. If you want to see those results, you NEED to get your diet on track. If you're ready to make a change, sign up below to join BodyRock Boot Camp
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