Inspirational BodyRocker: Marcelle

Hi Lisa, I have been bodyrocking hard through the challenge. Just wanted to share my progress. I started exercising with bodyrock back in 2010 after I saw myself in pictures. I was horrified! I started avoiding the camera after that. I joined a gym last year and did crosscut for about 2 months. It was great but costly and so I returned to bodyrock. I have worked out off and on and even with this erratic schedule I lost wright and toned. I started the challenge because I need to get back to it an I loved all the progress I saw. This format works well. It really is like having a personal trainer So, thank you for all u do, the daily inspiration u offer. I have added pics of my progress.
Way to go Marcelle!And to all our BodyRockers, if you want to keep seeing results and MAINTAIN them, you need a lifestyle change. You need to stay active and keep your diet in check! And that’s what we’re here for.Do you need help motivating yourself? Click here Do you need help with your diet? Click here Do you need help exercising? Click here Do you need help with something else? Tell us

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