Inspirational BodyRocker: Michaela

  I'm a grad student now in Clemson but I have been following BodyRock and dailyhiit when I was back in China. I have not been a model BodyRocker because I could have eaten cleaner during my 30 day challenge. However, I was really surprised to see the difference that I had not expected. So I thought I'd share this photo with you and thank you for your time, all the hard work, and consistence. Thanks for bringing me the most fun workout program and keeping me motivated to follow it! I am going to start the 30 day challenge Round 2 tomorrow and try to stay away from cookies and chocolate this time... I'm excited to see what will happen next month! Are you? Please continue doing what you have been doing because working out with you has become my habit now! And just like all our other BodyRockers, we want fitness to become your LIFESTYLE! Bring your training and results to the next level by enjoying the right foods with us and see what a difference eating to support your fitness goals can achieve. Click here to check out our nutrition guide and get the results you WANT and DESERVE.

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