Inspirational BodyRocker: Sally

Hi Lisa, I wanted to send you a message with my results last month. What changed the most between my progress was YOU. Just doing something here and there at the gym was not enough. This year is the heaviest I've been since high school. I got a job promotion earlier this year and with the added stress and being in a happy healthy relationship, I guess I sorta just let go of being in shape and healthy. In 16 days I went to the gym Mon - Fri, sometimes twice a day. I did multiple workouts that you posted, like the ass challenge and 30 day fit challenge from a while back, sometimes a workout here and there on the weekends. I started running in races, at least once a month. My mood is better when I workout, I'm happier, the stress doesn't get to me as much, I can eat clean. I fell off my wagon though in November since I went on vacation, but I'm starting up again and in December I want to start on the 30 day real time challenge! I'm really exited in getting myself to my goals and I have found out I love talking about your workouts and how you motivate me. I found a new love of sharing with my friends and family and seeing their improvements and helping them get where they want to be. It was brutal, but totally worth it. Thank you so much for being you and true and doing what you do. I absolutely love you for it! Thanks again! 1476570_533937566696733_1070110863_n 1470325_533937600030063_2018417312_n


Show some MASSIVE BodyRock love for Sally. Not only is this an incredible transformation, but she was able to recognize when she was falling into old habits and FORM A PLAN to change them. If you want to keep seeing results and MAINTAIN them, you need a lifestyle change. You need to stay active and keep your diet in check! And that's what we're here for.

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