Inspired: How Jessica Alba Went from Teen Star to a $1 Billion Businesswoman

For years, Jessica Alba has starred in various films playing "the hot girl." Today, she's making a name for herself. In 2011, she became the founder of The Honest Company, a producer of non-toxic baby products. On Wednesday, May 13th she spoke about her struggles and successes at the Alibaba Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship in Hangzhou, China. When she first described her aspirations, many businesspeople looked at her in disbelief. “[People] usually thought of someone in my position as more of a spokesperson, someone that would sell beauty products,” Alba told conference goers. “Most of my advisors in entertainment thought I should do a perfume or something like that.” Advisors were too blindsided to see that Alba had a dream. She wasn't about to sell any ordinary product with her signature stamped on it. Her goal was to create a cleaner and healthier atmosphere for those she truly cared about. “The reason why I went into business was really to create a safer and healthier world for my children and for all children,” Alba said. “The rise of toxic chemicals in our everyday life has contributed to so many serious and chronic illnesses. I felt someone really needed to make better products that are safe, non-toxic, healthy, beautifully designed, affordable and easy to get.” Success also comes with a cost. Her struggle of being an actress, a businesswoman and a mother of two leaves no downtime. jessica alba “I feel pulled in so many different directions,” the 34-year-old said. “It’s so hard to find time for yourself, time to meditate and relax. I think it is so important to spend those five minutes a day to just quiet your mind, but I don’t always have those five minutes or just can’t manage it.” Alba had the honor of speaking at the first-ever Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship put on by the Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba Group. Her success will continue to grow and inspire women around the world. Do you support Jessica Alba's desire to provide children a cleaner and healthier world? What are your thoughts?  

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