Instagram Account Celebrates The Beauty of ALL Body Types!

Citilegs, started by a New York Times photographer Stacey Baker aims at embracing body positivity in a very simple and meaningful way. The Instagram account is showing off the legs of the ladies of NYC, thigh gaps or no thigh gaps, leggings or bare skin, pink shoes or black booties. The photographs are simple and chic, showing the diversity that is New York and the world. These fab females covey huge personality through only their lower halves! So far Stacey has gained 66,000 followers with more coming in every day. The leg portraits began one afternoon when Stacey was captivated by the striking beauty of a woman's legs as she walked through the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. “I love the serendipity of it,” Stacey explains. “Of seeing a subject, asking her to participate, finding a nearby wall, and making a picture. It all takes place in no more than 10 minutes. The fact that most women I approach are not only willing to stop, but also put their purse down, take off their coat, raise or tuck in their blouse and stand with their hands up—all for a complete stranger—never fails to amaze me.” "When I take what I think is a good or interesting picture, I wonder if there’s something to it. As cheesy as it sounds, I do kind of think it’s a celebration of the female figure.” Check out Stacey's work at Citilegs and tell us your opinion on this unique project!

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