Instantly Love Yourself Just A Little More With These Great Tips

Body image can be everything. When you feel lousy about your body, you will feel lousy about everything else in your life, too. It is a real struggle. It can prevent you from moving forward with your health and fitness routine, it can stand in the way of achieving career success and it can eat away at your relationships. These feelings can be incredibly lonely and isolating. Loving yourself and feeling positive about your body is the key to unlocking everything you've ever dreamed possible in life. The BodyRock philosophy is built around promoting health, fitness and body positivity. Our workouts are geared towards all levels, from beginner to advanced and are available on demand with SweatFlix℠. We understand the challenges you may be facing and want to encourage, motivate and support you on your way to looking and feeling better. But we also know that sometimes just crushing a workout isn't enough. We know that sometimes that better, healthier you that you are working for can feel so far away. We know you can feel stuck and unable to see that beauty and value in where you are at this very moment. It doesn't matter what has triggered that feeling, we want to help you get past it. INPOST1 (2) So, on days when you feel stifled by your own inward looking negativity, know that you aren't alone. Know that it is possible to feel better. The following tips are small things, but they can make a BIG difference in the way you are feeling about yourself!

1. Spray some perfume

According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, grooming can have a positive impact on body image. Putting on a little splash of perfume can go a long way to making you feel brighter and happier.

love your body more with these tips

2. Treat yourself

Treating yourself to a massage can make you feel relaxed, calm and serene. When you get down on your body, do something nice for it. It will thank you by releasing happy hormones. [bctt tweet="Instantly Love Yourself Just A Little More With These Great Tips"]

3. Make a list of the people you admire

When you feel the negative self talk coming along, make a list of the people you admire most in this world. Think hard and be honest. When you're done, look at the list and think about why you admire those people. Are any of them on there because they are 'thin' and/or 'perfect' looking? Our guess is no. You can show love and admiration for other people for a whole host of reasons, and we're willing to bet that you possess some of those admirable qualities too!

4. Appreciate what your body does for you

Your body is a remarkable machine. Every day it performs complex tasks that keep you alive. It does these things without you even noticing. Take a second and think about how complex your cardiovascular system is. Your body is constantly regenerating parts of itself from your skin to your bones to keep you going. Be grateful! INPOST2

5. Throw out underwear that doesn't fit

Think about how wonderful you feel in well fitting undergarments. Why would you ever want to feel any other way? If you are wearing items that are too small or too big, you will constantly feel like you are not 'right.' Do yourself a favour and eliminate those options.

6. Get moving

Exercise has a positive impact on your body image. The act of moving makes you feel better, you don't have to be doing it for weight loss goals. When you are feeling down on yourself, throw on your favourite song and have a wild dance party. Throw caution to the wind and just give it. Let your endorphins help you! We guarantee you will have a smile on your face when you are done! If all else fails, remember that you are not alone. Everyone, yes, everyone, has had at least one moment where they have felt like they should be different, better, thinner, fitter, whatever. But the only thing you SHOULD be is who you are. If you want to look differently than you do, you can get there, but if you don't, that's okay, too. Never let anyone tell you that you aren't just fine as you are -- and that includes you! Source: Bustle

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