Internet Body Shamers Always Have Lots To Say But Does It Really Matter?

Nicole Kidman, who has been relatively quiet as of late, graces the cover of the August issue of Vogue magazine. Internet haters wasted no time weighing in on the Oscar winner's appearance. They said things like: "She doesn't even look human anymore," "She looks frozen- too much Botox probably," "She looks ...... Different." Not nice people. It is clear that Kidman has had some work done but who cares? The woman is a brilliant actress who makes some incredibly brave film choices (Dogville, anyone?) and yet our society has opted to reduce everything to her looks. In Hollywood, you're washed up at 35. If you can't look like the ingénue, the roles dry up. What's worse, if you are a celebrity, over 40 and look fabulous, we act shocked and surprised and then begin looking closely for faults. Do you blame a woman for trying to avoid all of this by helping herself out a little? I don't. We create a scenario where a person is damned either way. If they allow themselves to age naturally, we attack them for looking old. If they take cosmetic measures, we jump all over that too -- how many times have you found yourself saying "she looked better before?" I thought Nicole Kidman was beautiful before. I think she's beautiful now. And even if I didn't think that, I know my opinion doesn't amount to a hill of beans because I bet Kidman thinks she looks great and that's really all that matters at the end of the day! Do I want Botox, no. Does it matter to me that other people get it? Not in the slightest. Negativity and body shaming isn't just limited to Hollywood stars, we experience it here, too, at BodyRock. There isn't a day that passes where our trainers and fitness models aren't subjected to a series of hateful criticisms and comments about their bodies, their appearances and their choices regarding cosmetic procedures. We don't let it get us down. We prefer to embrace the positive. How we choose to present ourselves physically and move through this world is a personal and individual decision. We are happy with ourselves and that makes all the difference. If you have a peek at a pic of someone and feel the need to say something negative, think first. Negativity is a waste of energy. In your everyday life, if you see something that you find distasteful, odd are you will not walk up to that person and say, "You look like a freak." So, why do it online? At BodyRock, we're no strangers to body shaming and negativity. Our trainers and fitness models are subjected tot hateful comments all the time. "She looked weird to me - not so much because of the bangs, but because of the obvious lip injections and botox." But it's important to remember not to let the shameful comments go to our head, and to love our bodies entirely. Negativity can only grow when met with more negativity. We, at BodyRock, strive to meet each day with as much positivity as possible. Why don't you join us in making it contagious? Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_99115" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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