Interval Training Scorches Running in Calories Burned

Bodyweight training is all the rage and who wouldn't love results from less time spent in the gym? But the big question everyone asks is how HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) compares in terms of calories burned to traditional cardio and weight training. The Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has published research that establishes unequivocally that bodyweight exercises at high intensity produce higher results than any other form of training. Participants in the study exercised at full intensity for 20 seconds, then rested for 10, repeating the process in 5, 4-minute segments. John Porcari, the lead researcher and head of the university's performance lab, says participants in the 2013 study  burned an average of 15 calories per minute, which is almost twice the calories burned during a long run. But you can't go through the motions and expect results. Pocari says, "You should be feeling extremely uncomfortable. If you aren't exhausted by the end of this workout you aren't doing it right." But why does it work? "Overtraining specific metabolic systems," Porcari says. "You can only run a race at a certain pace for so long. When you do high-intensity interval training you shift that threshold up. It's why athletes do intervals." Have you noticed a difference in your fitness level and weight since switching from traditional methods of fitness to HIIT? If you haven't tried it yet, are you ready to give it a go? Click here to become a BodyRocker and start getting lean and fit faster! Source: Prevention  

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