Introducing your DailyHIIT Registered Dietitian and Blogger

Hey everyone! I figure it's about time that I introduce myself! I work in the Atlanta area with about 1000 weight loss patients every year. I have heard it all. The ups, downs, triumphs, and failures. So, if you have a weight loss question, I will likely have an answer. :) Since I work in weight loss, there are days when I feel pressured to practice what I preach. In order to be a weight loss dietitian, you should look the appearance of someone who is fit and healthy, right? But, I also feel better when I am eating healthy and exercising. I run 4 miles most  days of the week, and then 1 to 2 times strength training. When I want to mix it up, I'll do a HIIT workout! Almost always my workouts last one hour because this is all that I have time for and this is what I am used to. There are times when I feel burnt out about talking about healthy foods 24/7. But, other times this just pushes me to reinvent some new healthy recipes to get out of feeling bored. Anyone else feel bored with their fitness or diet routine? Nicole German RD My patients are curious what I eat everyday. I let them know that it is hard work, and getting healthy is not the easiest. But, if you find ways to make being healthy part of your everyday routine, you can integrate it and the small changes will show over the course of time. My biggest suggestion is to plan, plan, plan. Stay organized with your eating, create a daily schedule, and stay on track with what you have planned for yourself. My current diet habits:
  • Breakfast: Ezekiel bread with egg or almond butter and side fruit. Black coffee.
  • Snack: Raw almonds mixed with goji berries.
  • Lunch: Leftover from dinner or salad with protein (and yes, cheese!). No dressing usually unless I know what is in it!
  • Snack: Fruit or Quest bar or carrots or a clean cracker of some sort (Ex: Mary's Gone Crackers). Sometimes an afternoon coffee with milk (no sugars or sweeteners!).
  • Dinner: Varies a lot. But, 90% of the time is from home. Typical for us is some type of protein, half a plate of veggies, and a sweet potato. There are definitely times here where we eat more carbs and even a few white carbs sneak in!
  • Snack: Not every night. Fruit, Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, homemade protein bar, or just some tea.

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