We Investigate: 6 "Foods" That Aren't Actually Food

"Junk food" is what you would typically call these items. But take the "food" out of it, and that's what you're actually eating. It's not just that this list of junk is unhealthy, some of it should be downright inedible. Caramel Syrup    Store bought caramel syrup is not sweet and innocent. While you can make a sugar based version at home, the commercial brands are processed with ammonia for colour. Yuck! Egg Substitutes   Faux eggs contain 20 ingredients. Most of which chemicals. While real eggs are in there somewhere, it's better just to buy the real deal. "Maple" Syrup    "Maple" or table syrup is high fructose corn syrup, sky-high globs of sodium and artificial flavouring. There is certainly no sap collecting involved in making this pancake condiment! "Chocolate chip flavoured" Cookies      For them to called chocolate chip cookies, legally they must contain 10% cocoa. Just like with anything labeled "chocolatey", chocolate chip flavoured cookies are made from partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil. This oil raises bad cholesterol and clogs arteries. It's much safer to back your own batch! "Chocolate" Milk   That chocolatey flavoured beverage you love is not made with real chocolate it all. Some "chocolate" milk brands don't even include real fresh milk in there, but rather "nonfat dry milk." Oh and a bunch of high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated soybean oil for good measure. Lemonade    Many store-bought lemonades don't actually have one single fraction of lemon in them. They create a lemon-likeness using different chemicals and colourings to give you that authentic summer taste. All that fructose and Yellow #5 certainly leaves a sour taste in my mouth! Got any foods you would like us to investigate? Tell us!  

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