When Irish Abs Are Flexing

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day (practically a family holiday to me) here are some Ireland-themed exercises that you can do, before going out and getting polluted.
  • Riverdance - or, for those who can’t actually irish dance, just do your best Michael Flatley impression or jig like an idiot, believe me, you’ll be exhausted in no time – fake riverdancing is quite a good cardio workout.
  • Potato sack lifting – forgo those fancy weights and do your regular weight routine while hefting a bag of potatoes. My favourite move is throwing the sack of potatoes up in the air and catching it as you sink into a squat.
  • Leprechaun hops – ok, these are actually just high knees, but with a wider stance. The result is a great hip opener, and if you do them fast enough, you’ll look like a proper angry leprechaun.
  • Lucky Horseshoe – for those who do yoga, this position is actually called wheel, BUT GET FESTIVE PEOPLE. Start in a bridge position, lifting your hips off of the ground. Place your hands by your head and lift your whole body off of the ground. Hold for 1 minute. For a harder stretch try lifting your heels off of the ground.
  • Beer Belly Buster – lay on your back with your legs straight up in the air, pressed firmly together. Now I’m sure you’ve done the exercise where you’ve brought your legs down in a curve to draw a circle and then back up again, but since we’re oh so festive you’re going to draw a shamrock instead. Keep your core engaged and switch direction after every shamrock.
Do these exercises to your favourite Dropkick Murphys or Great Big Sea album and you’ll have worked off those pints in no time.

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