An Irrational Fear of Nude Photography

As a society we aren't comfortable with nude photography, there is an invisible line, it seems, between what is appropriate for the pages of a magazine and what is appropriate for the bedroom or the shower.  Photographer Sven Ellirand, however is out to change that. 40fd908e-7d61-46e0-a0ae-abe0b86e5441 Sven penned an open letter that pushes back against his critics and defends his creative efforts with nude models.  While primarily shooting nude models Sven wrote that he prefers to shoot in nature because the places find him, "The two seem to naturally go together: the most naturally beautiful thing on the planet in the most beautiful examples of the planet. There really shouldn’t be that big of an argument about it, but there are a bunch of black lines drawn all over it." Sven talks at length about the criticism he has faced as well as the difference between his own art and the line that exists between that art and taking a woman out of her clothes and exploiting her.  It is a compelling argument, whether one agrees or not, that shooting what is most beautiful should not be looked down upon as something that is deviant or sinful.  What is the natural state of men and women is seen only as sexual and that is what Sven is railing against.  Nude photography is not pornography although the two seem to be so closely linked. Sven also writes in his letter that, "My view of the world……my view of art…my view of beauty…that is what I project in my work. Each frame is not of a subject, but of how I see that subject, specifically unique to me." What exactly is to be feared by the nude form?  Certainly Sven is not advocating mass nudism but rather the ability to look at a photograph and understand the art and the symbolism and the talent behind the picture.  Nothing any more different than looking at Michelangelo's David.

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