The Most Irritating Things People Do At The Gym

I came across this list of the worst things that people could possibly do at the gym and had to agree on each point. I have seen each one of these types of culprits at my gym before and if I am being totally honest, I've likely done one or two of these myself....oops!

Getting Too Close For Comfort

Every treadmill is open, but they choose the one right next to you. Really?

Failing to Clean Their Sweat Off of a Machine

Well, we're definitely not getting on that elliptical.

Abusing the Locker Room

We all need a little something called personal space.

Having a One-Person Party

When we can hear the Shakira song blasting through their headphones. It's time to take it down a notch!

Getting Too Loud and Proud While Lifting

Grunting, dropping weights, yelling in excitement ... we could all live without them. [bctt tweet="The Most Irritating Things People do at the Gym"]

Hogging Our Stretch Space

They've commandeered a ball, roller, and block and take up the entire stretching mat, leaving us one teeny-tiny corner. Great, thanks! We now know the intimate details of last night's Tinder date, plus what their mom ate for dinner.

Loudly Leaving Yoga Class With 10 Minutes Left

So. Not. Zen

Complaining Through Their Entire Workout

Maybe it's time to call it a day?

Loving Themselves a Little Too Much

They won't stop winking at their reflection, and it's making us uncomfortable.
Source: Popsugar

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